Let’s be honest – it can definitely be tiring seeing the same monotone fluorescent lighting in your kitchen or office. When working on small or critical tasks, what you need isn’t an overall blanket of illumination, you need small, concise, and powerful task lighting. Not only does this give your vision a break by creating a clear image, but you’ll also find higher contrast in the shadows, allowing for greater detail in your task.

Small Tasks

Nothing beats having a focused light source when working on small or detailed tasks. Imagine you’ve dropped a glass of water on the kitchen floor. No doubt there will be numerous tiny pieces of glass on the ground just ready to be stepped on. With a wider, unfocused beam you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’re missing these shards – however, with something like an LED bulb flashlight, you can tighten the beam to become task lit, lay it on the ground parallel to the glass pieces, and because of the increased brightness and contrast, you’ll be able to see the individual shadows of the glass in no time.

Office Space

For your more medium-sized jobs, you’ll quite often find the LED bulbs will still work well enough to get the job done. Using a focused desk lamp not only helps your vision, but also boosts productivity, and has a much lower drain on the environment. A powerful lit workspace will be much more environmentally and aesthetically friendly. LED bulbs don’t have to give off the sterile white light that is associated with non-incandescent light sources – if you buy the right kind, you’ll find a pleasant, low heat, warm option.

When considering whether or not to use task lighting at an office desk, you’ll need to be aware that per Lightology.com, a typical computer screen produces about 20-25 foot candles (FC) or measured light – to avoid headaches from your eyes dilating back and forth from your screen to your desk you want at least a 3 to 1 contrast ratio of light (20 – 25 FC from your screen, 60-75FC on your desk).

Large Scale

Very often you’ll see a variety of careers that take advantage of task lighting to get the job done. A floodlight placed properly can drastically change the mood of a scene in a play, or provide clarity of image for a painted mural or living room. Nothing is worse than finishing painting and realizing after you’ve packed up that you’ve missed a spot that would have been easy to see if your adjustable floodlighting had been set up properly.

Construction workers that work outside benefit greatly from proper lighting. During Toronto winters, you’ll find quite often that it will either be severely overcast, limiting vision, and there’s generally less light in general. By setting up proper task lighting, construction can continue at a steady, and most importantly, a safe pace.

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