Q4 LED Solutions – 2 Year Limited Warranty

Our warranty is limited to manufacturing defects in material and construction of our products.
The warranty is valid from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.
The original purchaser has a maximum of 5days to fully inspect the received products and make any claims against the order regarding damaged or defective goods received.

The limited warranty does not cover; damage, failure or malfunction due to external causes, including alterations, mishandling or abuse, exposure or contact with toxic/corrosive materials, or hazardous environments. Electrical power, servicing, or combining electrical components that are not approved or authorized by Q4 LED Solutions will void all warranties. It is the sole responsibility of the purchasing party to obtain authorization from Q4 LED Solutions for any use of electrical and/or non-electrical parts or components in combination with Q4 LED Solutions products. This includes electrical switches, dimming switches, or dimming systems. All Q4 LED Solution products must be installed by a licensed professional and used in accordance with all local electrical standards and regulations. This warranty does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out in this warranty. This warranty does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage.

Q4 LED Solutions product lifespan statements, and Limited Warranty is based on the normal household use of 4 to 5 running hours per day, within indoor environments, and at allowable operating temperatures (inquire with Q4 LED Solutions for the specific operating temperatures, for the specific products).

Returns or Claims

For all returns or claims, it is the original purchaser’s responsibility to provide a dated proof of purchase.
During the relevant warranty period, Q4 LED Solutions will at its sole discretion exchange a defective product under warranty free of charge.
All returns or claims must follow the Product Return Procedure (shown below). Failure to do so will void any return or claim.

Product Return Procedure:

Email info@q4led.com with details of your claim, and the original invoice number, and date of invoice.
A Return Authorization Number (RAN#) will be sent to you regarding your claim.
Do not send a product without first securing a RAN#.
Please write the RAN# in all boxes.

Claimed products must be shipped/returned to Q4 LED Solutions using adequate packaging and protection.
Any damage from inadequate packing or carrier mishandling is the sole responsibility of the sender. The sender must prepay all shipping charges for the returned products.

Once the returned/claimed products are received, Q4 LED Solutions will assess the condition and function of
products. Upon assessment, Q4 LED Solutions reserves the rights to deem the products fit for exchange or refund. If the claimed products are approved for exchange or refund, Q4 LED Solutions at its own expense will return the replacement items to the sender, or a refund will be issued.

Q4 LED Solutions reserves the right to change/revised these warranty term and limitations at their own discursion. Please contact us for further assistance at info@q4led.com.

Thank you.


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