CFLs have been popular for nearly 30 years because they offer a broad range of colours and sizes at a low cost. But that’s changing as the price of LEDs continue to fall. LEDs are becoming increasingly popular among builders in the 21st century. Here are a few reasons why:

LED installation is fast and easy

LED installation requires no special expertise and is often faster than installing other types of lighting. This means that builders can deliver homes to their clients quicker.

LEDs are less bulky than other forms of lighting

In the past, we needed large, high-wattage fixtures to achieve a desired brightness. These large fixtures required large housing and space for installation. But with today’s condo demand and general need for smaller, more affordable homes, space is at a premium.

LEDs are a great answer to shrinking spaces. Traditional six-inch apertures are being replaced with four-inch and three-inch apertures in new construction projects. By installing LEDs, builders can achieve bright lighting using smaller apertures.

LEDs are more reliable than other forms of lighting

By installing LED lighting in a new home, builders can reduce the number of callbacks they receive. Issues with lighting might sound trivial, but it can be a source of frustration for homeowners who expect everything to work properly. Compared to other lighting, LED lighting lasts longer and fails less, making them a reliable choice for builders.

LED lighting is safer and cheaper in the long run

The average home spends about 25% of its electricity bill on lighting. LEDs can provide builders and homeowners significant energy savings.

LED modules last longer than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, meaning homeowners won’t have to buy and install as many lightbulbs. Nowadays, most stores carry a broad range of LED products – from warm, soft lighting for bedrooms to bright lights for kitchens and bathrooms.

Because the LED modules consume less power, they produce less heat and feel more comfortable than other products. Before LEDs, some lights could run extremely hot and become a fire hazard. LEDs, on the other hand, run cool and are much safer. LEDs can give builders and homeowners peace of mind.

LEDs are the future of lighting in new residential construction

As the price of LED modules continues to fall, CFLs and incandescent bulbs will disappear from homes. Rising electricity costs and power saving incentives from governments will move builders and homeowners to select environmentally efficient options – especially LEDs. If you ask us, the future is looking bright for LEDs.